West Marin Storage is a single-story facility. All spaces are either accessible directly by drive-up, or are very short walk from a drive-up hall doorway. Most (but not all) 5×5 spaces are “indoor” facing; most (but not all) larger spaces open directly to the outdoors.


West Marin Storage is located directly across the street from the Marin County Sheriff’s West Marin Sub-Station and Marin County Fire Department’s Point Reyes Station. We have never had a reported incident of theft in over 30 years.

Climate Control

We rely on the mild, temperate climate of West Marin to control the temperature of our facility. Temperatures typically range from the low-40s (°F) during wintertime lows to the high 70s (°F) during summertime highs. Outside temperatures do occasionally dip below freezing in the winter and very rarely creep above 90°F in the summer, although temperatures in spaces are moderated by the buildings and stored contents themselves. Our units are not technologically climate controlled.

Unit Specs

All spaces are, of course, built to be dry and secure. Our 8-foot and 10-foot ceilings are higher than many competitors’ units. The interior of most units is lined with taped dry wall, and all units are equipped with roller doors with rubber seals. Outdoor-facing doors close below a four-inch concrete slab that elevates stored contents above the ground-level. Still, we recommend that sensitive contents be stored on pallets or otherwise slightly raised, or stored in  plastic bins; this reduces the possibility of damage by pests, condensation, spills, etc. If you are not sure about storing something special, please ask us. We are happy to advise.